Tax return 2016 and accounting

My name is Giannis Garlemos. You might know me from or Since 1998 I have been working as a tax consultant and accountant. Which means, that I am able to complete your 2014 tax return and apply for your aids and benefits.

Many (Greek) people lose a lot of money to the tax office, not knowing what aids they are entitled to. The Greeks, who settled or started their work in the Netherlands in 2015 or 2016, are probably entitled to a refund of taxes and to receive financial aids.

Are you a freelancer?Then I will also be able to help you, since I have a 17 year experience in related fields. I speak Greek, German, English and Dutch fluently.

For more information you can always contact me by phone without any strings attached, or view the website or

Giannis Garlemos (06-47165290)

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